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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Question- Answer

Me- I have to meet your teacher. For PTA Meeting.
Tejas- Why? Do you want to see how many black marks I have got?
me- How many did you get
Tejas - 1
Ojas- 4
Me- Why?
Ojas- I was naughty. But D (another classmate) has got 6.
Yeah right. Its all relative.

Me- We have Annual day in Office?
Tejas- Are you going to dance?

Me, playing trivial persuit- Who is my favourite baby?
Ojas- Donut (because you are always happy with him and you are always scolding us)


Gayatri said...

- :)
- So did u dance? ;b

Anismom said...

Ha Ha...Kids never stop surprising us with their questions and remarks
Tejas and Ojas...u 2 are two little cutie pies