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Friday, September 30, 2011

First Term

The PTA meeting today was encouraging. They are doing well and the focus is going to be on developing reading skills which will be useful in doing word problems and comprehension.
Tejas needs to improve his handwriting which is horrible.
I have seen Ojas blossom this year in terms of his personality. From a boy who would just shake his head in no and sit in the last bench alone, he has made his own group of friends and has even ventured to the front bench. He wants to finish his class work first and has become outgoing enough to get a punishment for running out of the class!
He said he got "board punishment" - which means he was made to stand against the board with an entire bunch of offendors.

Tejas was most worried about whether his single black mark woud be discussed during the meeting and he had gained assurance from the teacher beforehand that she will not talk about the black mark.
They scored above 91% in most except english literature (shame)!
I could see many 20/20 on their assessment sheets.
In Western Dance there is still room for improvement but by and large they are ok.

I also managed to pick up a lovely book from the book fair- it has 1 interesting thing about each of the states of India. More on it when we read them.


Gayatri said...

- great :)
- Way to go boys..thumbs up
- ours was a so-so first term

Anonymous said...

Arrey western dance chodo, Bhangra pa lo;)