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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Live From London

Nishi Gupta lives in Britain and is leading a normal life until one day she finds herself on the stage of Britain’s got talent with her red guitar. A dream come true turns into a living nightmare and she is out totally disillusioned with herself.

Her friend suggests that the best way to find a toe hold in the music industry is to start working in a records company.
She lands up a job with Virgin records and finds herself reporting to a strict boss. In time the boss mellows down and gives her the most important assignment- handling the marketing of singer Nick who is part Indian and part Canadian.

Nishi and Nick fall in love. There are scenes of stolen moments and funny repartees to develop the romance between the two until fate brings Nishi back to India away from Nick and away from the fame she was just about to get.

The story is alive and very contextual. It talks of dreams – dreams that seem far fetched but a little nudge in the right direction makes the dream come true.

The author maintains a positive voice even when the protagonist is in despair.
I would classify it as “young fiction” more than mainstream though.

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