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Monday, September 05, 2011

Diary Writing

The kids' aunt gifted them this book which is a sort of diary which contains fun facts and stuff to do. All this while this was languishing in my book shelf when I suddenly remembered that I had wanted to initiate diary writing with the kids, after reading this book. So out came this diary and the kids began to write on it after a great amount of coaxing.

They first filled these fun pages.

That took a few days.

Soon they began to write on the notes section.

At first they said, I don't want to write. Or, I will write only 1 line.

But as they started jotting down about their day, they began to write more and more and wanted to "finish atleast a page".

Since this has been fun, I am on the hunt for a proper diary for them in which they can draw or even paste pictures.

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~nm said...

Thats very interesting. Where can I buy this? Whats the author/publication name?