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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Science Museum Collection

Macmillan has published a series of books with science museum in which the answers to various pertinent questions about a variety of topics have been tackled.
The idea is to make science interesting for children but the way it has been dealt in the book, it becomes interesting to adults to.
The premise is that we have a lot of questions. While science does not have all answers these books have most of the questions figured out for us.

Why is snot is green? What is space made of? What are the top ten phobias? Why do brain freeze when we eat icecream fast? Why do we walk on 2 legs? Will we ever run out of electricity?
And more of these questions come in this book.
It is divided into five sections -Lost in Space, The Angry Planet, Animal Answers, Being Human, Fantastic Futures and each of these sections cover various questions in a very conversational and easy to understand and assimilate manner.

This is full of technical stuff like- Thinking Machines, Signals, codes & Smart phones, Electro-tainment, E world, Androids & AI.
Various questions for curious minds are dealt here with surprising ease.
Are Computers just posh calculators? Who built the Internet? What is inside a laptop?
How do smartphones and TV remote controls work?
What will future phones be like?
Will ebooks destroy physical books (scary!)
Who delivers my emails?
The good thing is that once we read this book, we can answer the questions that our children ask us with much ease and since it is a very simple book, we could also read them together with the kids.

Author- Glenn Murphy
Publisher- Pan Macmillan - Science Museum Collection

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