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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Murder in the Ashram

Murder in the ashram reads just like what the book is about- modern day journalism and news stories.
In a complicated yet obvious web of events a drama takes place in an obscure location in Delhi.
While the book reads easily and kept me interested, it also left me with a very sad feeling about the pointlessness of death before time and how it leaves people devastated in its wake.

Stephen is a young boy of part Indian origin. His parents are dead and his grandparents have brought him up.
Stephen comes to India to look for his father and gets involved in the Shiva network ashram and believes that he has yoga in his blood. Prophetic words out of his mouth. He befriends the young yogi Rani and also the Guruji’s driver Raj.

Ruby is trained to be a journalist. She comes to Delhi in search of opportunity and bumps into Stephen her old friend. He offers to allow her to share his flat and thereon her journey in search of a story continues.

Little did she know that her story to fame is going to unfold in her own home.Stephen’s body is pulled out of the Yamuna and ruby gets involved in trying to discover the truth behind this gruesome incident.

When Raj admits that he accidently hit Stephen that day and explains the incidents that resulted in his body landing up in the Yamuna, the police officer believes that he has closed the case.
But not Ruby.
She relentlessly follows the case and together with a journalist friend and Rani, she begins her quest to solve the mystery.

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