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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lonely Gods

This is a story of love that transcends all borders, familial life and social norms.
Raj and Aparajita are neighbours. A chance meeting in unusual circumstances draws them towards each other and they keep meeting again and again. Aparajita is already married whereas Raj is in the marriageable age. Realizing that their love would bear no fruits Raj gets married and they move apart.

The story flits between the past – Raj & Aparajita’s youth and the present where the progeny from both sides- move unknowingly towards a common goal.

The story opens with a phone call to Uma who rushes to see her Raj Mama who is gravely ill.
He is found at the door step of the Ghosh family clutching a solitaire ring in his hand.
Mr Ghosh returns the Solitaire to Raj’s family.
Uma suspects that the ring has more in it than the obvious and the ring is meant for someone who means a lot to Raj Mama. She also suspects that Raj’s daughter Indira is upto no good and is in fact causing deterioration in Raj’s health.

Uma’s sister Kamini finds herself a part of a secret group called VNP wherein a lot of scientific and ancient mumbo jumbo is being discussed. Including to subjects XX& XY who are supposed to come together and the VNP is working towards that while some dark forces are preventing it from happening.

Where do all these separate parts converge?
Do Raj & Aparajita find each other?
What exactly is this mysterious VNP?

These questions get answered towards the end of the book.

I honestly felt that the author could have stuck to the love story rather than brining in the VNP cult because that gave a sense of unreality to the whole book.

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