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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Proud Bihari's Cuisine

You are not a Bihari worth your salt/ mustard oil/ chaat masala/ sattu/ mutton and all if you do not know how to make these Bihari snacks called Pedakia (gujiya) and thekua( funny names naa!! even I find them very funny)
Well, I could call myself Bihari ke naam par kalank as I never got these right in the last 7 years. Either the dough would have less of jaggery or the khoya filling would get stiff and therefore very difficult to handle. But this time I got the mix really well. So here I document them.

Thekua (recipe courtsey Nani- she gave the exact measure...and all of us scrambled to write it down, but frankly nothing beats experience in handling this)
1/2 kg wheat flour
1/4 kg palm jaggery
100g ghee
(Makes 45 small pieces)

Melt the jaggery in 200ml warm water (just enough for kneading the dough)
Filter the liquid jaggery.
Mix all ingredients and quickly knead them into a soft pliable dough.
Either roll them out and cut them into diamonds/ squares or just press them on a wooden mould which has floral/ tree like designs.
Deep fry them on low flame until they are golden/ dark brown in colour.


This is fairly simple - if you can make samosas, you will have no problem with teh dough.


Khoya- 400g (unsweetened please- not sweetened)

Sugar- for swetening- 6-7 table spoons

Dry fruits/ grated coconut etc.

roast the khoya until it starts leaving ghee and starts collapsing into a ball. Add dry fruits etc.

Wait till it gets cold and then mix the sugar. Rub it properly.

It will form a powder.

For the Outer shell

1/2 kg maida (flour)

50 g or more ghee

rub the flour and ghee together. take a pinch- it should bind together else add more ghee.

Knead the above into a stiff dough adding water.

Divide the dough into 28-30 balls.

Make a round and then add filling. Fold into a semicircle and bind the sides

Deep fry on medium-low flame.


Anonymous said...


To add my bit, you have done injustice to the they are discoloured from being burnt.

Gujias, they are disfigured!!!..resembles like mirchi pakodas and not gujias per se..

Maybe, cooking is an art, which you still need to muster

ITW said...

Ah well, you dirty mouth. anonymous u remain as you dare not come in the open- who told you that i am looking at a certificate from you. and I never did claim that I am planning to learn and master the art of cooking.
And please do not add your bit here. You are not welcome.

Sue said...

I don't know about 'mustering' cooking but Itchy, these look really yummy. That's one thing Bongs will always acknowledge about Biharis and Oriyas -- their awesome cooking skills!

Sanjay Sood said...

Tekhua and Purukiya, the two most popular bihari sweets. You can find these sweets in every Cuisine of Bihar.