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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Whistling Monster

I simply love books that have stories specific to some country or region. It teaches us a lot about the culture and specialties of those places and expands knowledge much more than what we have.

This book has a delightful set of legends from around the world like Finland, Mongolia, Botswana, India, France, New Zealand and Morocco and is promoted for “confident readers”.

In the Whistling Monster- we learn of the brave boy who is the only one who survived the whistling monster but he survived because he received help from an unexpected source.

Jamila’s love for India is evident from her other books and no collection of hers can be complete without a tale from India. She covers the entire story of the birth of Lord Krishna and even narrates the vision of the Brahmand that Yashoda ma gets when Krishna opens his mouth.

Why do people fear darkness? Why do we have nights? Why does winter come?
The changing of seasons and the cycle of day and night is beautifully explained in the ‘coming of the raven’.

As usual, “Puss in Boots” makes for a dreamy delightful read.

We need to learn to be thankful for the blessings and good fortune. We learn more about gratitude in “The Corn Maidens”

‘Gulnara the Warrior’ teaches us about the importance of peace over war.

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