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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monkey Magic -The Curse of Mukada

Eleven year old Romy is on an exciting trip to Borneo with her scientist father. Her father has been entrusted with the task to find out what is causing the sickness in the orangutans of the Mukada Nature Reserve. The park warden suggests overpopulation but Romy’s father strongly feels that something is not right in the reserve.
Romy comes in contact with Monkey Magic and she realizes she can communicate with the orangutans. She tends to sick baby orangutans and also in the process chances upon conspiracies in the jungle that will drive the orangutans away.
While Monkey Magic is an exciting and magical story, the book also gives facts about orangutans and their habitat. The book also has a strong environmental message and is recommended for children for not only developing their knowledge but also making them aware about the wildlife and the endangered species.

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