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Monday, October 10, 2011

On Volume & Energy

As the flight was landing, Tejas feeling his ears block says- My volume has gone...
Then checks with Ojas- are you getting volume?

During one tantrum session over food, Mausi tells Tejas- do you know why you are so thin? Because you don't eat your food properly and eat only kurkure/ chips.
Tejas- everyone is lying
Mausi- why?
Tejas- I read on chips packet - there is energy, calories, no transfat. Then why am I not being fatter?


Prarich said...

He said - I eat so much Kurkure but my bones are just not growing, they all lie, they say kurkure has energy - NO proteins, NO transfats,still i'm thin- all with a miserable look on his face!

Sue said...

LMAO -- especially at the comment before this!

love sms said...

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