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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This would be a classic case of fine detection which helps in converging separate incidents towards the end of the book very neatly despite being a jumble.
Frankly I found the Japanese names extremely confusing and had to turn the pages several times to get a grip on them.
Ben is not a common criminal, but what makes him break into a highly secure lab to steal books?
Why is everyone in the story intent to obtain possession of those books?
Satoshi Machita is on the verge of becoming the owner of a patent that is a great medical break through. But there are gliches. He is an illegal immigrant and moreover his life is in grave danger.
Laurie Montgomery is back from her long maternity leave to her job as chief medical officer in the forensic departmentn and is raring to go. When her first case arrives at her desk, it seems to be a clearcut case of natural dearh, but Laurie with her instinct refuses to dismiss it as such. She persists on finding a clear cut pathology but little did she envisage that she was on the verge of triggering a series of incidents that would endanger her son's wellbeing.

But does this deter her resolve to seek justice fir the unidentified body? Apparently not as she beautifully solves the case and the connects the scattered incidents into one large drama that is unfolding.

While the book itself is more than 400 pages, it doesn't take long to cover. It is fast paced with a tight editing but I found the jap names confusing and they would throw me off gear.
Also the case was obvious for the reader but not to the key participants right from the beginning si for the reader it is just a matter if waiting for Laurie to resolvethe case. Which could be disappointing for thriller and detective story fans.

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