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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Humour from Hyderabad

This slim volume is a collection of anecdotes from Hyderabad, which includes comedy of errors due to confusion caused by ignorance of the language or general slice of life humour from everyday. One could look at it as a collection of everyday humour from across walks of life.
Be it the trick a husband employs to make his wife place his manuscript in its rightful place or to bring her back from her mom’s place.
Or the confusion, which caused relatives of a girl beat up the wrong teacher and apologise to the teacher they wanted to beat up in the first place.
The funniest one was the way a foreign returned person pronounced important causing a general confusion for the listener or uses “shit” in every sentence. The tale of the lady haggling for rickshaw fare and paying a higher sum because she didn’t know how to count in Telugu is like a déjà vu.
The author also peppers the book with instances of typical Indian situations like a 24 hour café being closed for tea time or the slogan “Jai Telangana” that unites people across.

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