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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Mandatory Airline Post

1. What...did you think I will not understand that you sarcastically said 'aur laad do' ...pile more bags...when I piled 2 measley bags in the security belt. Weren't you pleasantly surprised (not) when I gave you back...kya boli. Zaraa dhyaan se, yahaan dhi log hindu samajhte hain.
2. Do you have absolutely no shame? When you asked me if it was the security queue I was standing in, and I said yes, why did you turn your head away and closed the gap between you and the person ahead of you when I came back to my spot after coming out if queue to throw trash. Would the presence of my kids and me make such a huge difference to your security check in time?
3. Any particular reason why you suddenly recline your chair every 20 minutes causing my son peering into the window to get banged on the nose. And don't you think it is a god idea to keep the seat upright dyring landing and takeoff or during meals being served?
4. Is it absolutely necessary to recline into my lap nearly and put your hands in my space behind your seat back giving me next to nothing air space as I am to mild mannered to recline when the person behind me is eating.
5. Is it so necessary to peep over my shoulder for your bags on the belt? Especially when you can see me struggling to keep 2 hyper kids and my trolley in my line of vision while awaiting my bags. Shoo, peep over that man standing alone over there.
6. So what if that gentleman shifted your bag to accomodate his bag in the overhead compartment? Why create such a fight with him? Shame on you.
7. Any specific reason why you told me only middle seats are available. On both counts today I moved over to my adjoining empty window seat. Inspite of me asking why I wasn't given ghe available window this morning.
8. What forced you to leave my luggage in Delhi and let another flight carry it on your behalf.
9. And did you really ask me what does your bag contain apart from 3 perishable food items that I highlighted. Did you think my bag will not have clothes in them?
10. Chivalrous and helpful men do exist. Thanks for giving me a hand in pulling my bags out of the belt.
11. Why the hell does Chennai airport not invest in a good toilet in the departure.
12. Time to include an N8 charger in your charging points in airports.

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