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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Never Make The First Offer

"On a handshake I have trusted Donald with my Life", this said Tennis star Athur Ashe on Donald Dell, who was handling his publicity.

Donald Dell has a phenomenal reputation in the world of sports marketing. Being a player himself, he has the advantages of being on their side but that's not all about him, He is a master negotiator who knows when to make the first offer and when to keep his mouth shut. Above all, he is gifted with the mental agility and ability of thinking on his feet and thereby turning the tables in his favour against all odds.

In this book, Donald teaches us the various aspects of negotiation, illustrating them via his own experiences and thereby making it less text bookish than it could become.

What came very clearly apart from knowing the theory aspect is that one must never underestimate the power of practicing what one knows, or never ignore the instinct and what your heart tells you.

Donald emphasizes on the power of networking and personal relationship building to further contacts and build word of mouth reputation.

Negotiators do most of what he talks subconsciously but I like the way he uses anecdotes to really bring out theory into practice.

It also gives one insight on the way various people's mind works depending on the situation.

Another important thing he talks of is building trust an striving to maintain he same. For once you lose trust of the opposite person, it is almost impossible to maintain a relationship.

Overall it is a nice ready reckoner to look at to reinforce one's thought process and a good book to pass on to people who are learning the art of negotiation.

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Anonymous said...

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