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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yellow is the Colour of Longing

What does the colour Yellow signify for you? Brightness, Sunshine, happiness or just longing? Or perhaps sickness?
Yellow is the story of two people who are caught up in their disease and the incurability of it.
The book is a collection of stories translated from Malayalam, but effectively retain the original Malayalam flavour in the storytelling.
What the Souls do at midnight is the story of a soul that can go across the physical barriers and go for flights of fancy during the night, wicked even.
The story of Krishna is not only symbolic mythically but also reflects the story of the sex racket in Kerala.
A cat, utterly personal is the story a woman who is caught in the web of office politics.
The scent of news is like the chilling story that becomes real as one writes it. This lady can scent news but perhaps fails to scent the news unfolding in her own home.
Alif Laila is hilarious- it reflects the way a hindi serial writer adds situations after situation thereby making the serial go endlessly long!
Out of 15 stories, some left me wondering but those mentioned above are worth a read.

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