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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lead to Win

Lead to Win is written in a handbook format by Harshit who is a first generation entrepreneur and runs a business consultancy called Universal Hunt. This books attempts to document the perspectives on the theory and practice of leadership. It sets thoughts in motion and enables one to be a good leader.
The book covers all topics that reflects or leads to leadership and motivates one to really follow the principles during the course of their daily professional life.
Each page has atleast one quotation that leads one to think and act and imbibe the lessons.
The author expounds the principles of leadership through stories of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and even A R Rahman, underlining their impact on the world.
The book begins with the first principles of leadership, which is – being a leader is being you.
The most important and prime requisite of being a leader is the power of envisioning. Without the vision of where the leader wants to lead the people, it is not possible to lead.
Vision is something that doesn’t allow you to sleep and yet keep you energized next morning.
Therefore, a leader is able to take people where they do not necessarily want to go but ought to go.
Most importantly, the vision of the leader is magnanimous enough to include everyone yet simple enough to make people understand. It is like a slogan that summarises the entire vision of the leader and thereby energises the followers or partners in the vision.
A leader has to be self-motivated, even in the face of failure. A leader competes with oneself and works to surpass oneself.
Continuity is extremely important for the leader to reach his goal. Continuity of efforts and communication of the end objective to one and all.
Another important aspect is the mastering of change and thinking beyond self and capacity to give up power and empower others.

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