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Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Questions- Shared Joys

It's normal for families to share toileteries & clothes among themselves.
Siblings exchanging clothes, entire family sharing toothpaste, soap and some even sharing their shaving kit or towels!
What happens after marriage?
Does the same continue or are boundaries drawn?
The very reason I have graduated to shower gels & liquid handwash is that I cannot tolerate sharing soaps with the characteristic single hair stuck to it! One should see me asking hubby several times whether he is the only one who uses his soap in the Pondy house, before I use his soap reluctantly, incase we stayed overnight without prior plans. Somehow I always doubt it is a shared resource so I always carry my own shower gel.
I don't fancy using the same toothpaste that has come into contact with several toothbrushes unless it's my husband's/ kids or my parents/ siblings'. For the sake of hygiene and privacy, I wouldn't want toothpaste sharing to happen at all.
Earlier we siblings used to regularly exchange clothes. But somehow couldn't imagine cozying up with husband wearing someone else's shirts!! So stopped sharing clothes after marriage.
I feel the same about everyone drinking straight from the bottle. Somehow have learnt to live with it.
I have heard about guys who shamelessly borrow the entire shaving kit! Can't even begin to imagine what I would have done had someone asked for my hubby's shaving kit.
Now tell me what's ok with you! Am I having an attitude problem if I am particular about such stuff?


Mama - Mia said...

while i really dont care much about most of these things, i would just respect the fact that such things matter to you!




How do we know said...

so what if u have an attitude problem, according to other ppl? we all have a right to be particular abt some things if we want to be. Big Deal!

One thing i respect abt u Itchie, is ur obvious individual streak. Whenever such doubts appear in ur blog, am soo tempted to come up to you and say relax! U r goood just the way u r.

dG said...

nah you are just normal. dont worry. i get queasy if anyone borrows my towel or eats food from my plate. last month, hubby's cousin's wife calmly broke off a chunk of her naan, dunked it in my subji and proceeded to eat while i watched in horror! whilst i dont mind if someone uses a spoon to take some from my plate, i do draw the line at eating straight from my plate. sole excep being the son, of course!!! :D

K 3 said...

Me ok with ur attitude, here's mine!

Toothpaste - ok
Toothbrush - no way, not even sibling/spouse and child no way
clothes - ok with immediate family
water bottles - not really but could live if worse comes worse!

So everyone has a boundary, and its important we know and respect it - thats all.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks all!! i am glad i am not the odd freak!

lumi said...

You aren't the least bit odd. That's quite normal behavior in the U.S. at least. Basically if its a personal care item that's touching body parts other than hands I prefer to use my own and not share.