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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tagged to Hate Men

Taking up JLT's open tag obligingly- to talk of 10 things that I hate about Men.

I love this line- All men are the same. They have different faces so that we can tell them apart better.

1. Their believe that when the woman does the cooking/ housework- she is doing her job. When the man does it- he is doing her a favour.

2. When we women plan something with friends - we do it in such a way that it does not clash with our family time. With men they have to do it when they should be with family- late nights, weekends, holidays etc because then it does not clash with work

3. All men want their wifes to be like their mothers- but they do not want to be like our fathers.

4. Their irrational/ misguided belief in their own kin and not the wife.

5. Their complete inability and unwillingness to support and stand for their wife in times of some specific great need when if the wife opens her mouth in defence- it will be seen as disrespect. And their ability to convert anything that is strictly about the husband and wife into an open family matter- but not vice versa.

6. Comparing our cooking with their mother's- no matter how bad their mother's is or how good ours is.

7. Dropping in / Inviting a friend without checking with the wife and inviting the friend to dinner too.

8. Selective amnesia- about bill due dates- some not all.

9. Doing something for the kid only under duress and then making a big exhibition of it and recording it as the biggest job of the day done to help the wife.

10. Expecting the wife to adapt totally to his culture - not otherwise even partially.

11. Their ability to act like the king of the jungle in front of their family- when she wants to feel cherished and loved and an equal- but like a nice cloying and clingy husband in front of the wife's family- when it is most undesirable and one requires her space with her side of the family.

12. Their ability to garner support from all quarters - both their and wife's side during a quarrel with wife.

13. Their insensitivity while getting exactly the same or better sari/ household item/ gift/ jewel/ cosmetic (thankfully not undergarments/ negligee) for their mother and their wife for fear of hurting their mother's feelings.

14. If they have to choose between their family and wife or friend and wife or dog and wife or office and wife- the choice is always- you guesses it right- not the wife.

15. Their ability to take their entire family for any function- which should have been strictly attended by the couple only.

Some GRAS (Generally Regarded as Silly) Issues that become Family Problems on the Men's side-

Let's say one lady does not eat non-veg- will she start eating just because the husband loves non-veg? So why should the DIL in the family stop eating non-veg on particular days just because the husband does that!

Or let's say in one culture it is considered to be rude to cross legs and sit. How will the wife know about it without being told?

If the wife does not want to change her name after the marriage- it becomes a family problem.

If the couple wants to plan a baby- why it has to become a family news? More so all the tests that the wife has to undergo is made public knowledge- but not if men also have to go through it.

Not wearing mangalsutra/ signs of marriage becomes a family issue even if the husband is ok with it

Going on a holiday especially to meet wife's side of the family is a sensation- the dates need to be aggreable by the panchayat


BangaloreMom said...

LOL Itchy!! So true, all true!

Mama - Mia said...

ouch!! :D

thats all i can say! and when M gets back i am gonna give him an extra tight and big hug!


Minka said...

This tag has therapeutic value , I can feel the peace already

How do we know said...

Wow!! And i thought only my man was unspeakably s!@#$%^.

Sree said...

I guess it is the same everywhere.. men are men :(

Anonymous said...

OMG, Itchy, can you hear me scream yes to all points, especially # 1.


Random Vignettes said...


Men..can't live with em can't live without..or actually can we?!?! ;)

kochab said...


Just happened upon your blog and this is the post I read! God!! I agree with every single point of yours. You have put into words everything that I feel but don't know how to verbalize because I am too busy gnashing my teeth in frustration! I hope you don't mind if I blogroll you.

kochab said...

P.S. Am going to take up this tag!

kochab said...

P.P.S. Your sons are soooo adorable!

dipali said...

Hey Itchy (: (:(:
Some of it is so universally true.
( in the indian context, i mean)

Please do a nice peppy post about your lovely kids:)

Shobana said...

Men are all mass produced in a factory with the same designing in them. And you have said it all.

Mystic Margarita said...

So true! Agree specially with #4. Anyway, I think of men as beta versions with lots of glitches - unfortunately we, the more perfect version, have to learn to live with their flaws!

S.M.A.R.T said...

HDWK told me about ur post... GOD, I identified with a lot of it! You've inspired me to write on this too.

Just Like That said...

:-D Hit the nail on its head. BAM!every single time!

kavi said...

HI , i chanced to read ur blog when i was going thro my bro's blog.
Your article on men and their habits is become a typical Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani, Just yday we had one of our ususal rows and everypoint I read in ur blog says the cause of our argument.. it was definetly refreshing to see it in WORDS.. I am wondering if i should make him read it too to see if the point can b driven..

Itchingtowrite said...

hi guys- was out on a short hol so cud not reply
anyway- glad all of u cud get the therapeutic benefits of the post!kavi- which is your bro's blog?
kochab not at all!

kavi said...

was wondering if i know u, were u my bro's friend??

Itchingtowrite said...

kavi- yes- we worked together in chennai!!! is he still abroad?

kavi said...

ya, he is still in Dubai, no more a bachelor though...:) its really interesting reading ur blog, you have portrayes all apects of a woman life.. feel good after reading and relating it our life

Itchingtowrite said...

kavi- that's great- we cud take our convcersation on the mail - mail id-!!
do tell vinay I askd abt him! he dosn't update his blog ?
when did he get married?

lumi said...

Although some things are uniquely Indian in the post...most are universal truths about men!