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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thoughts of a Mom of School Going Children

  1. I am happy that you have a place to go and enjoy with your peer group
  2. A place that will unfold your talents- I am still amazed at the finger painting & comb painting that you have apparently done.
  3. I go all senti that I am leaving my babies in the care of unknown strangers attributing every cut & nick to -something must have happened at school
  4. I am getting into serious control issues- requesting the teacher to allow you to play in the swings because that is what you look forward to most
  5. I feel more worthy of being your mom - because now I feed you breakfast & dinner and get you ready for school each morning.
  6. My car feels vacant every morning and I miss those mandatory - only one round before I go for work
  7. Now the tables have turned - I wave you goodbye every morning- and I do it better than you because I am not screaming my heart out every time you leave for school


Minka said...

well said. So true. When my son's playschool ended, I felt very sad because this meant he no longer needed to ride in the car with me in the mornings and there was no real rush for me to bathe and feed him before I leave for work.So I was really looking forward to school although it's just a jump over the wall for him ! And he's already saying "leave hand. I go mine self". Oh well !

Mama - Mia said...

i cant help but wonder is this what i will be thinking about too?! :)

lovely post!



K 3 said...

I loved what you said for point 1 & 2 - thats so true. Well rest of the post too, but the first two really great thoughts!

Good luck!!

How do we know said...

wrt the last point - Don't you? ;-)