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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Puzzle Me

It's official- they have moved on from the simple placing puzzles to jigsaw puzzles of various degrees of complication.
We started with this picture puzzle gifted by Mausi. Frank's Jolly Jungle Ride.
I like the fact that the pieces are large and square. So its extremely easy for beginners - a 15 piece puzzle that forms a 50" * 35" approx piece. Very good quality of the pieces and therefore good hold-ability.
The popular 3,4,5,6 piece-series proved to be a hit with the kids. We have fruits, animals & transport. The funny thing is that each favour 2 out of 4 pieces only in each set.
And my favourite are these that hubby picked from an exhibition in Pondy - they come with a board so they are extremely convenient. They are fairly advanced, self correcting but difficult to do the first time.
This is a 19 piece Lion that Tejas does effortlessly. Funny thing is that I start with the 4 black feet pieces- calling them Lion's shoes and Tejas starts with the red mane and then does the leg pieces- orange & blue ones and then does the feet. Strange how they decide their own methods

Another is a 22 piece owl- Ojas favours this but he is not as deft and focussed as Tejas.

The rabbit, elephant and tree are less popular- they are between 6-8 piece sets and little difficult to handle because they need a little effort to piece together.
Sad thing is that Hubby didn't manage to get the shop address inspite of me prompting him several times on phone. He told it's somewhere in Muthialpet. Now everytime we cross Muthialpet I look around like mad from the car hoping to spot the shop. But failed as yet.


artnavy said...

did K visit the exhibition near the beach road opp the gandhi statue?

the dinosaur is good but tricky - get them that next

Itchingtowrite said...

yes he did. now its not there- so he says... don't know where is the original shop

Itchingtowrite said...

yes he did. now its not there- so he says... don't know where is the original shop

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!!!! :D

i feel like trying my hand at a complicated jigsaw myself!! :D