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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Musical Cheers

Dupatta Tera....

CD in the car- (baliye de mukhde pe dil lalchaave laungda ve lashkaara jaan le na jaave) - 2 dekhe bina dekhetenu raha bhi na jaave, roop salona tera sono changda


Ojas pre-empts- duppatta tera !

CD- duppatta tera ...

Bum Bum Bole- (TZP)

Self, Ojas & Tejas dancing to Bum Bum bole in the morning- they would have heard the song actively for the 1st time.

Afternoon Ojas comes to me Mamma- Bum bum bole

Tejas- Mamma- Bumbi Bumbi

Wonder should I enrol them in a music class? Their reserves of energy do need some channeling!

Kids Health Talks of the when & why of music training and child care aware talk on similar lines.

Excel ability guides one on the do's and don'ts before choosing a music program.

This article talks of parental involvement in child's lessons.

But the best reason they give is that music is inherent in us and more than the host of benefits they talk of- it's pure fun.

The waking up to music is a suggestion that should be taken, so also the suggestion of spending some time just listening to music rather than taking it a side-along activity like listening while cooking or driving. Those were the days- when pregnant me & even otherwise me used to spend the entire afternoon & evening just lounging on the sofa and listening to music.

Was watching the re run of a music program on Sony - the one that happens at 9.00 pm on Fridays. (feeling lazy to search out the exact name).

Having a singer at home is like having one big party at home everyday. Since I am not a singer myself, I would have loved to have my own personal singer at home- singing songs of my choice at the drop of a hat. There used to be such singers who will sing almost the entire day and anytime on demand. These are people who are not necessarily trained but sing for the joy and the love of singing. I love these kind of people - they exude so much energy, fun and love of life.

Shaan was singing- tera mujhse hai pehle ka naataa koi and his wife had tears in her eyes- and frankly I had tears in my eyes too for no reason- just his singing, his voice and song that touched the soul.


artnavy said...

dupatta tera is a favourite here as well along with Dil dance maare ray from Tashan

U r so right about singing being a release

Mama - Mia said...

music is indeed food for soul! :)

i am not much of a singer too, but then i dont croak excatly either! its goof enough to put cubby to sleep and more often than not his papa sleeps before him! :p

lovely post!