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Friday, June 06, 2008

Parents' Orientation Day at School

We were invited for the orientation day for the parents in the new school.
What was supposed to be for the parents only ended up as a mish mash of audience comprising grandparents & kids of all age/ size causing a general problem of accomodating the audience.
The kids being kids with low attention spans were either quarreling among themselves or crying or blissfully sleeping or locking horns with the not so amused me- pushing her chair into my already bruised knee repeatedly, or resting his shoes on my spotless clothes- funny how my patience level was at an all time low just because I had left my kids at home and was therefore in a good position to judge other kids & their parents.
Well, for parents only should not be taken at the face value. The whole purpose is lost if you have to struggle with your / others kid when you obviously want to know what methods the teachers employ, what curriculum is followed, why, what alternatives are offered.
The orators were the school management staff. Some of them skilled but some were just reading from a prepared speech and really failed to connect with the audience. Yours truly switched off and focussed on the one-upmanship with the child in front.

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Banno said...

Sounds awful!!