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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids That Misbehave

Someone threw a stone at a car and shattered the glass...
The kids of the complex united and refused to reveal names.
Ok, I am proud of the unity but ashamed of the mischief and the mischief makers. Ashamed that they choose to stay mum rather than fess up. Is this what we are teaching our kids? Is it because the kids are beaten up if they admit to a mistake anyway- so why admit- atleast they have a 50% chance of escaping the beatings if they don't confess and are not found out.

Another older kid snatched my son's balloon and played along until my son screamed and threw a tantrum. The Mom coaxing the kid gently asked Tejas to be patient- he will give it to you himself (in his own sweet time eh?)
The same kid's younger brother snatched Tejas' tricycle and Ojas beat him up. That kid is under control now.
This balloon snatching fellow hit my sons with a stick and the sweet mother looked on. Until a neighbour pointed it out to her.
The trouble with such troublesome kids is that the gentler ones end up getting hurt for no reason and the bullies get away because their moms are unconcerned or accept such behaviour as normal or endearing.
Fine, let's play it fair. Next time my kids get hurt, I might just smack the bullies silly. The protective mother lioness in me might just get unleashed.
And their mothers may continue to look on as far as I am concerned.


chandni said...

i can't believe parents who let their children misbehave and look on..

I'd be so ashamed of their bad behaviour, I'd smack mine silly and tell them to behave!!!

But u should do that, if another bully's parents don't care enough to stopt them, u must intervene!

because ur children will also learn from your behaviour. They should never get the signal that bullying is good becase it lets u have ur way, and that the way out is always giving in and not standing up for oneself!

How do we know said...

i agree. Better still, teach the kids to gang up and either beat the kid up or throw a tantrum. Advantages of being twins.

Rohini said...

I have started scolding other people's kids at the park now. How else to deal with kids who come and play with Ayaan's toys and then start pushing and shoving him. I usually just take the toy back from them saying, 'If you can't be nice to Ayaan, he won't share his toys with you'. Usually get a glare from the mother but I couldn't care less...

Shobana said...

Its just a blatant negligence on the part of the other parent, whose kid is beating up the smaller kids. I think I would have given that kid a good pinch when the mother looked the other way. And I like what Ro does...someone has to tell these kids.

Itchingtowrite said...

chandni- true- burai karna & sahna- both are wrong! i ll remember that
how do we- i think ojas is already on that track. he beat one up already
rohini- there is one guy who was plucking my aloe vera & looking at me challngingly becoz his mom was standing next to me. i wanted to smack him silly
shobana- yaa, that silent pinch is a good idea!!! someone like my son will immdtly complain to the right people though!

Mama - Mia said...

sigh!! i guess they should be thwacked silly!!

lumi said...

Some parents are just lazy. If another kid is doing something to mine and the other parent says nothing then I give the scold.

As for the buggers that united against telling on who threw the rock-my mom used to say "Either you are going to tell me, or I'm going to beat it out of you. What's it going to be?"