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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ojas Tejas Become Famous

Ojas & Tejas Claim to Fame

Dadda goes to the courier office to collect Js' credit card. The incharge refused to give the card to anyone other than blood relative.
During the course of the argument, the incharge asks him where he lives.
Dadda- K Colony, S apartments
Courier - Oh, S apartments? Which flat?
Dadda- XYZ
Courier- Oh, XYZ flat, where the twins live?
Dadda- eagerly- yes, yes
Courier- oh you are ITW (uses my surname)
Dadda- suppressing his annoyance- no, I am K
Courier- then you can take the courier, I know the twins!
Says who is famous and in which order.

Ojas' Idea of a Joke
Points at Dadda and says- This is Mamma and this is Dadda (pointing at me)
giggle giggle
We retort- this is Ojas (pointing at Tejas) and this is Tejas (pointing at Ojas)
Ojas- No, This is Ojas (pointing at Dadda)
and This is Tejas-(pointing at Mamma)

It Takes 2...

We have 2 dogs in Pondy- Duggi & Huggy

I told Ojas to give huggy to Tejas and demonstrated how to give a hug.

Ojas did so and then points at himself and says- Ab Duggi (Now Duggi)

Problem in Pronunciation
Ojas & Tejas cannot pronounce R or Sh
So they call Rahul as Zahul or Lahul and Shalini as Salini
The other day I imitated them and said Zahul
Ojas corrects me- Zahul nahin - Zaahul (trying to tell me it is R not Z but becoz of his pronunciation problem, ended up saying Z for both)
Then I said Shalni. Tejas tells me- Aise nahin- Saaalinee- giving stress on proper syllables.

Ass Li... err Eater
I was acting as if I am eating their nose, hands etc and then spitting it out and returning them bcoz they are tasting bad.
Then they ask me to eat their bum. I grab a piece and eat.
They say- Aise nahin (not like this)
Then promptly pull down their pants and say- aise (eat like this)

Tejas' believes this is a Pillow ...
in its folded and packed stage.

Touch Me Not

I am putting Ojas to sleep

Tejas- mamma, buttom - meaning Ojas legs is touching his bum

So I adjust Ojas' position.

Tejas- Mamma, ab legs (now legs)

So I again adjusted him so that he doesn't touch his legs while sleeping.

After Ojas is settled to sleep- Tejas promptly jumps on him to give him a foot - massage.

Now what was that about not allow Ojas to touch him?

Clear case of history repeating- My sis used to sit on my face when I would sleep but not allow me to touch her at all! But Scorps behave similarly.


Tejas drops a box of chalks on the floor. Guiltily looks at me and I ignore.

Quickly sets to work putting the chalks back into the box muttering all the while...

Baikuff (bevakoof- foolish), gira diya (dropped it), no tuti (don't break)...blah blah blah...

I guess that's how I would have reacted.

Language Skills

In Pondy- Tejas tells me- ghar chale

Turns to Grandma and tels- Vita ke polla

(Let's go home in Hindi & Tamil resp.)

Wonder how they realize who speaks what language


Ojas is talking to Mausi on the phone and Mausi arrives at his doorstep while he is talking

Ojas looks into the phone and then at Mausi and says thoughtfully- 2 Mausi


~nm said...

I had such a laugh at the claim to fame!

Your boys are so cute, so funny and so smart!!

Shobana said...

They are so very funny.

Mystic Margarita said...

You have two very smart and funny little men on your hands! LOL

Mama - Mia said...

i just LOVE Ojas and Tejas updates!! :)

i cant even pick my fav line!! they are all so cool!!

hugs to them!


Minka said...

huh ! Bubbles declared the "pillow" a "diaper" . I sent it packing into the innards of the cupboard. Then he thought for some time and said " diaper illai. iss a balloon piece".

dipali said...

Famous twins! They are lovely:)
Big Huggy Duggi to both of them.

DesiGirl said...

You've got two sharp kids, itchy. beware!!!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks all!!