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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The School Update- First Day

Transport- Dadda's car
Duration- 1 hour
Teacher asked us to carry our own bags and not give them to Mamma/ Dadda- they want us to become indpendent quickly.
Mamma was allowed in and she guided us through various toys & puzzles. We did the shape sorter puzzle, pull on truck puzzle and made coffee for Mamma & one aunty.
A classmate ate up our snacks- cake & biscuits- we were not hungry. Teacher gave us half a sweet each. We were the only ones to spread out a napkin and place our tiffin box on it. It seems Mamma used to do that when she was in school too & she wants us to learn that too!
3 kids spent nearly the entire hour crying.
We did not cry, we had each other & Mamma & many toys to play with.
Dadda peeped in once and we spotted him!
We held on to our water bottles the entire hour almost- until Mom snatched it away from us.
We got our school diary and a rhyme CD.
For 1 week we will go for an hour. And then for 4 hours.
We played on the slide and roundabout and in the sand for a long time before coming back home. We insist we want to continue going in the car but Mamma & Dadda want to send us by bus.
We think we are ok with the school! We did not cry - but then even Mamma had not cried on her first day at school!


desigirl said...

awww! what a pair of troopers, itchy!! another milestone eh? your babies are growing up!!!

B o o said...

Thats a huge milestone indeed! Dont know about you Itchy, Im all teary eyed just reading this post! Why do kids have to grow up and go to school? Sigh! :(

artnavy said...

good job ojas tejas
was sure u will enjoy school
looks like your mom did too!!

Andy said...

Hi what a co-incidence!! I went out checking play schools for Sunshine today and even zeroed in on 1. She just refused to come back home!!

Itchingtowrite said...

dg/ boo- oh true- i almost forgot it was a milestone! i actually felt bad leaving them alone in the room!
art- yes- looks like i enjoyd it more than them
andy- post abt it!!! congrats! which school? call me

Mama - Mia said...


seems like a perfect day one at school!!

hugs to ojas and tejas for being so cool!!


DotThoughts said...

Good job. you boys are troopers! Waiting for more updates.

On a related note - school is 1 hr away??!