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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Off to School Today

School Bags - Red & Black

Water Bottles- Black

Tiffin Boxes- Steel (Mamma says no to Plastic)

Hand Towels

Bath Towels for Swimming Days- 1 with a tiger print & 1 with fish- we quarreled for the fish- none of us want the tiger

New Undies

New Shorts/ Shirts (Uniform only for 2 days- poor Mamma is cheesed off that she has to take care to find neat clothes everyday- uniforms would have been easier on her)



All Labelled with Mamma's Golden/ Brown Nailpolish!!

We were more interested in buying toy cars from Lifestyle store but Mamma & Dadda wouldn't let us go - we had to even do a demo of wearing the bag in the store!

We go for an hour today and for 2.5 hours from next week

The school has recommended what snacks have to be given each day. Friday is Mamma's choice snack though!


Minka said...

yay ! happy schooling !! Mamma didn't take photos ?

artnavy said...

where are the pics

Mama - Mia said...


happy school times to O and T! :)

we like say no to plastic mumma too! hope this mommy also doesnt fall into the power rangers trap!! hehe!


Itchingtowrite said...

hey- thanks all- mamma tok fotos- infact went a little overboard. since this was scheduled posting & sinc the fotos hav not yet been transferred to the lapitop the pics will get uploaded later