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Monday, June 16, 2008

School Update- 2nd Day onwards Pictures

I left them on their own in their class and as I was walking out, Ojas spotted me and ran after me. That nearly broke my heart! He shed a few tears but Tejas did not cry.
The look on their faces when they saw me waiting outside when they came running out of their class was truly worth the hour long wait.
On coming out, we went for a go at the swings and I asked Ojas what they did in class- he mentiond- Husha wusha fall down!
They seem to be comfortable with the layout as Tejas walked off on his own to the swings and both had a go at the see saw together- advantage with twins is that they can do the see-saw between the 2 of them!
On reaching home, Ojas broke my heart again saying- Only Mamma not going, school chale- may be thinking this is the only way he can have me by his side- going to the school!
3rd Day
Ojas spent the entire time bawling albeit without tears and then happily went of to play in the swings after class.
But he could recall what was done in class- school, aunty, lion, tiger, owl (must be some rhymes), jhula, see saw.
4th Day
They revolted outright on nearing school- mamma, ghar chale (let's go home), no school. Inspite of some time at the see saw Ojas screamed all the way to class and went on crying - this time with a few tears. I had to leave them in about 20 minutes time, completely heart broken at their discomfort. Even Tejas was not too eager to go in class but once in he got busy with the toys.


Mama - Mia said...

awwww!! i hope they go happily along in typical Ojas and Tejas way soon!

tho they do seem to adjust perfect afta some shedding of tears!!


lumi said...

be strong...don't waste time leaving them when you drop them off. just be on your way.

Usha said...

It breaks my heart to think these babaies are already in school but they look cute in their school dress.
I am sure, ina few days, they will begin to enjoy it and even want to go there on holidays.
They grow up so fast these days.