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Friday, June 20, 2008

Clay Oven

This is a tiny place nestled in Besant Nagar- situated above Cake Walk- actually both are part of the same unit.
A nice cheerful place though tiny, may be around 10 tables, 50 seat capacity.
We got a tiny table for two right near the window. So road view rather than sea view.
The host was a nearly 6 footer goofy guy who kept forgetting stuff like the mocktail or our doggy bag.
We spent Rs 500 for 1 garlic kulcha, 1 aaloo paratha, a bhuna gosh gravy (garlic-tomato based), a paneer rajasthani, mutton seekh kabab and a strawberry - mirinda mocktail.
Though a little on the higher side for the size and genre of the place- unlike the dhaaba express which comes across as a complte paisa vasool, I felt it was ok and the best part is that you don't pay an arm & a leg for rotis/ naans etc, unlike in most other places.

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