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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Name Place Animal Thing

Waiting for the gift wrapping at a jewelry store on a free aftrnoon...
Happened to notice 2 sales woman playing name place animal thing...
The letter happens to be "B"- wonder how she said B when the caller had said stop after a while, enough to recite atleast till H.
She had written the entry for "thing" as "Bites".
The other woman asks - what is Bites?
1st one- Bites! you don't know? Snacks!
(typical Tamil Slang)

Reminded me of a time when we used to play these games.
I would invariably enter Latrine under things for L & Nicker for N (not knowing it is supposed to be knickers)


aargee said...

I used to love that game too in School. I also used to play with my bro. and keep fighting on the existence of certain words. :) Once in college, it was always hangman and always during the lectures :) Nice memories!

Mama - Mia said...

how many afternoons during summer vacations were spent playing this game!! :)

we added a LOT more things eventually! like movies, colour and god knows what else!

it sure is fun!!



Shobana said...

I remember playing this one with my cousin during the slow afternoons and even in college during the tamil lecture.

~nm said...

How I used to love playing that game!