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Friday, June 13, 2008

Driving Under the Clouds & Sleeping Under the Stars

After goodness knows how many years, we slept under the stars- well almost!
The Pondy house has a balcony and we slept right near the door on the floor for the breeze. We could see the stars shining down on us via the door as we slept. The restless kids were told to watch the stars as they slept.
We were the lucky few who saw a flock of birds in a v formation fly overhead in the night sky and then a lone one return - retracing the path back from where (s)he came.
The outline of trees, pale moonlight and rugged silhoutte of buildings constructed a picture perfect scenery.
Reading the Clouds
On the drive to Pondy, we had a great time naming the clouds
Since we drove in the afternoon, we had the wide road to our disposal... We decided to name this a dog chasing someone- well doesn't look like it now but it sure did at that time...
And oh, we admired the blue sky and the matching bluer sea...
Driving under the Lone So Called Doggy Cloud...


Aditi's Album said...

I have lived in Pondy for 4 years during my college and ur pics made menostalgic, especially bcos we had the sea right in front of the college and could run to the beech any time we wanted.

dipali said...

It's such a beautiful drive to Pondy!
The cloud looks like it's moving in a big hurry. Lovely pics and post:)

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Inder said...

thought i would like to believe that i do not miss anybody or anything, i think i miss pondy...

Just Like That said...

That looks like a very lazily lovely drive under a swift doggy cloud. :-)
I lurrrve days and drives like that. The drive from B'lore to Coorg is pretty lovely too. Your pics make me want to go away right now, and that definitely not a good feeling on a Mon morn!! :-(

Mama - Mia said...

absolutely and perfectly gorgeous!! :)

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)