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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Booked and Hooked

Few advantages other than the obvious of the Rajnikant book-
  1. First time in my life I am seeing hubby engrossed in a book- he takes it to the loo (and that is something because he cannot read anywhere forget loo), takes it to bed and reads it by mobile light so as not to disturb the kids
  2. Better than TV- atleast hubby is now not glued to the TV
  3. Grudging admiration for the star from those uninitiated to Rajni fandom like yours truly
  4. Did I already mention - it is kind of nice to see hubby engrossed in a book- for a change?
  5. Affordable gift item for Rajni fans (courtsey AD)

My next endevour is to get him inducted to my favourite authors- Sherlock is a start & Archer should follow.. Small doses should do the trick.


Minka said...

But why are you rocking the boat ? This way you don't have any competition over the books. I hide the coveted book I am reading in the kitchen !!! I am glad mine was not a HP fan otherwise there would have been war

Itchingtowrite said...

minka- true- thats another problem..... but i am sure he has a lot to catch up with so i am safe for a few decades atleast

Mama - Mia said...


hubby likes to read, but doesnt have patience anymore! so i still buy books for HIM that i wanna read too! hehe!


eve's lungs said...

I hide the book that I am currently reading or between the daughter and the hisband - its gone the minute my back is turned .

BTW - about your favourite authors -who is Sherlock ?