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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Promenade on Pondy

Located right on the Pondicherry beach it has an out of the world sensation.
A selection of 2 dining areas- 1 buffet / ala carte & another right on the roof top- aptly named lighthouse.
An aquarium of oblivious fish for kids to be occupied and a safe roof top area puts minds of tired parents at ease- friendly though seemingly clueless waiters don't mind ferrying the kids round.
The menu was supposedly Italian style- I ordered a tandoori chicken set menu and malai kababs for the kids. But no, the kids were busy polishing off the spicy papads, downing them with sips of water- papads which were actually too hot for my taste. I also took a walnut brownie with chocolat sauce.
Hubby took a paneer set menu- never got round to tasting his though.
They also serve Indian food for the ground floor kitchen.
The service is excrutiatingly slow for a hungry tummy. But that's the idea here- food doesn't seem to be the main agenda- it's the ambience & the drinks probably.
I would rather go for the spread where in I may have a pick of the larger menu.

And Drumroll please....

I hav clocked 10000 today at kathipara junction around 10.15 this morning.

Three cheers for my Swift car!

And yes guys- yesterday I bribed the petrol bunk at Indra Nagar Rs 100 for full tank- else they were willing to fill only for Rs 500 - now thi sis what I call making the most of the public panic created because of the strike.

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lumi said...

I've got to is tandoori chicken and malai kebab considered to be Italian food???