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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ojas Tejas Speak

Get it Right Mamma will you?
Me- Will you have noodles? Showing them pasta thinking they will not know it is pasta.
Ojas/ Tejas- This no doondles this is pasta!
Ojas- No touch, Ojas legs chot (bruise)
Tejas- no touch hands chot (bruise) obviously faking
A,B, C, 1, 2, 3
Grandma has taught them to recognize the alphabets & numbers and all of a sudden I find them recognizing them correctly.
I have written their names on the underside of their school waterbottles.
Both recognize the pattern and therefore can pick the right bottle just looking at it.
Ultimately Mamma Wins
Out of the so many songs in their nursery song book, both have picked up 1 each as their favourite.
And both songs are in Hindi. (yay)
We got their passport size photos done. Both will pick up their own photo and kiss it.
Hands Off
Dadda gets a royal beating by Ojas if he so much as lays a finger on Mamma.
Just by the tone of my or hubby's voice they can understsand correctly whom we are talking to. The moment Ojas realizes that I am talking to my brother, he tells- dekhe mamu phone and then "slaps" on the phone saying Mamu, pitti!
Me- will you eat paratha (that I had made this morning)
Tejas- yes
Mamma gives the parathas 1 each in their hand
Tejas- Garam karo (heat it)
Mamma micro heats it
Tejas- garam ho gaya, thanda karo (it's too hot, cool it)
Mamma- cools it
Tejas- ab plate layo (now, bring plate)
Mamma gets 1 plate and keeps on the table, hoping they will rest the parathas on the plate while working on their puzzle
Ojas keeps his paratha in the plate and Tejas tells- ab another plate layo (now get another plate)
After a while.
Tejas returns the paratha- again garam karo (heat it again)
Mamma heats it
Tejas- garam ho gaya
Keeps it back in his plate and forgets about it
Pronunciation Problem
They pronounce swim as "Sim"
So I was copying them and said "Sim"
Tejas- aise nahin "sim", "Sim bolo". Correct karo
Until I said "swim" he (im)patiently kept on correcting me

In all Politeness

A firang kid was trying to bully Tejas and was pushing him while the 2 were watching the fish at Promenade. While Mamma was spluttering from her seat- give him back, don't let him bully you, Ojas went and stood behind Tejas in full support.

And when the kid pushes Ojas, he coolly puts his palm up and says- "Wait"

Quick to Pick

I am trying to bring out the difference between book & notebook

You should not write on book, you should write in notebook

Ojas- Mamma give me Nota-book


Anonymous said...

[b]Ojas- Mamma give me Nota-book[/b]

LOLLL good one

Mama - Mia said...

i LOVE Ojas Tejas updates!!!! :D

just cant have enough of them!!



Monika&Ansh said...

too cute!

Monika&Ansh said...

too cute!

Shobana said...

Very cute!

Subhashree said...

Very cute and hilarious. Your boys are a riot, though they looked like such silent ones in person :)

ss said...

So cute!

By the way...the pronunciation thing of swim vs sim: my dad was telling me about this. Apparently the kids are "thinking" swim when they say sim.
So that's why he is able to distinguish when you say it.

Apparently I used to say "kootuvarai" for screwdriver and would get annoyed that no one got me!