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Friday, July 18, 2008

Factual Fiction err Fact- Aroma

Delighted, she buried her nose into her child's hair and inhaled deeply, over and over again- almost as if she was an addict.
It did not have the typical sweet, baby smell.
Nor did it smell like the J&J shampoo she used on him daily.
Said she, as she inhaled yet again into the smoky, mouthwatering aroma of barbecue fare they had enjoyed a little while ago.


How do we know said...

Hee hee!! U sure have started to put up posts that make one laugh.. and the last post set me thinking very. very hard.

I am still thinking about that one.. is it really worth it? Doing so much for your firm when you know you could be unceremoniously ousted just because of your pregnancy?

Why dont these companies have flexi times if they are indeed talent starved(as every manager u speak to will tell u). My guess is that the reason is simply that flexi times will add to the workload of a few individuals, and will force a few other ppl to change their work habits and their perspectives. Hence, ladies and gentlemen, women can exit the workforce and the nice men can continue to rant about the lack of talent. And continue to lose the experienced staff.

Andy said...

Itchy, I have got you addicted is it?..and whats the occassion the little Princes are dressed up for and not to mention their mommy!?!

Suki said...

hahahahah, Itchy you ROCK :D