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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Round Table

It's official. We are round-tablers now. We got formally inducted into the round table of Pondy yesterday ie- Hubby received the round table badge & I joined the circle (ladies arm). A motley group of 3 round tables came together for the AGM meeting last night at GRT Pondy. The circle I belong to was extremely friendly group of ladies who were even taking care of the kids every time I went for a plate refill- which I assure you guys, was many. Only once did the 2 kids manage to slip their way out of the doors and walked upstairs out of the hotel. They managed to be extremely quiet when confronted witha round tabler and just said Mamma- inspite of recognizing all the 3 languages that the poor guy spoke trying to find out what they were looking for outside. A pair of psyched Mom & Dad were located with the Mom shrilly screaming out for the escapees.
Our table/ circle is involved in community activities related to education- providing notebooks, constructing school toilets etc.
The kids & I had my fill of fish/ chicken starters, paneer starters, juice and a hbral/ basil pasta at the pasta counter and a chocolate cake. While poor hubby who was busy networking had to make do with pasta and a drink only along with leftover icecream which the kids asked for and did not eat.
A good sociable crowd of synamic, friendly and fun loving guys whose main motto is friendship.
On a side note- as we were coming out of the hotel, self spotted a pair of girls dressed in short skirts and tops and commented- wish these girls were part of the table- they would have added some more jazz to the already hip crowd.
Pat came the reply from hubby- not table- bed!


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ROFL. good one.

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Did you punch him in the arm? *LOL*