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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cafe Amethyst & Coffee World

Cafe Amethyst is located off Peter's road in a sprawling colonial style bunglow. We went by night and the trees in the garden were all decorated with serial lights, giving it a very festive look. The place is lovely- gives an out of the world feel.
A path bordered by potted plants leads to the door steps where one needs to wait to get seated.
The crowd is youth and foreigners and uncountable table spaces. We took the garden bench that was so hard on the butt that we had to change to round table with garden chairs that were so light that Ojas had a tough/ scary time - the chair was tipping to the front because he insisted sitting perched in the front.
We ordered chicken lollypops (quite shrivelled up miserable looking pieces), fruit salad- lousy quantity at criminal prices- a major portion taken over by uneatable sour black seeded grapes and a strawberry shake which was mercifully drinkable.
The place is ideal for a business meeting, youth hangout or a slow date as the servers hardly look in your direction, yet they are so busy that they are running around in a great rush.
The verdict is - go there for the experience, if you are not in a rush. Don't have huge expectations from the menu.
We also went to Pizza Corner's Coffee World in alwarpet.
I don't know I have never felt welcome at Pizza Corner. The decor is very bathroomish- white tiles, no warmth. The same was felt in the coffee place. Very cold, distant and sort of- finish your job and go. Coffee lounges should bring you together and not set you apart. The place is like that. Round tables which don't keep you together even if you are sitting side by side, large impersonal looking sofas, cold looking walls and uncarpeted floor.
The strawberry-guava crush was great tasting. The sandwiches were gigantic in proportion but the chicken was there in plenty but did not express itself well because of overcrowding by veggies & bread. But then I am finicky about my chicken. The chicken has to speak out loud and clear else I will not notice it.


Mama - Mia said...

bad food, terrible service... i think i would give that place a skip as beautiful as it maybe!!

me hate pizze corner too! the piozza isnt great and service sucks!! havent been to coffee world as yet!! O and T looking super cute as always!



B o o said...

You and your chicken, Itchy! If I ever become a non vegetarian, it ll be thanks to you! :)

Monika,Ansh said...

I wish i was in your city......i wud know where to go & what to skip. :)

Itchingtowrite said...

boo- and i promise u the finest home made chicken curry if u ever turn non-veg
mama mia- clear priorities- i like it
mon/ansh- ;)

Kutitap said...

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