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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Movie- 401st Post

Last Friday we took Ojas & Tejas to Jaane Tu - their first movie in a theatre- Mayajaal!
Dad had booked 4 tickets to mark the occassion, thinking that the theatre guys will kick the parents out & all only the kids in if we buy only 2 tickets. 1 more adult- Mausi was called in and the 4th seat for given to Ojas!
Ojas checked just in case- "no doctor?"- thinking for a moment we had taken them to the doctor.
The moment the lights were shut, and the movie started with the scary horse scene- Ojas started crying- ghummi chale pointing to the door and Tejas sank into Dadda's lap and averted his eys as far as possible away from the screen yet watched the screen with on eye partially hidden behind Dadda's arms- if it is possible, that is.
Ojas' heart was gallopping at the scary movie and the added discomfort of the Rs 140 seat closing on him, he was not enjoying it at all to Mamma's great sadness!
So Mamma picked him up and held him safe in her arms. The first half was spent like this inspite of Mamma trying to make Ojas dance to "pappu can't dance".
We bought popcorn at intermission and that cheered them up considerably. And then they sat upright and popped popcorn & watched the movie. Mausi had to buy another pack of popcorn which was not shared with the adults at all.
Anyway, I loved the Shah couple in their element & liked Arbaz & Sohail the best in the movie!
1 movie had them hooked. The entire weekend they were saying- movie chale?
We also watched Sholay with English subtitles- for hubby's sake on Sunday.
The subtitles do not do justice to dialogues like-
"Bahut yaraana hai?"
"Pichle saal jo jamna ki shaadi mein humlog chup chupa kay gaye the- usme ee khub nachi thee!" "Sardar bahut khus hoga! Sabaasi dega!"


Monika,Ansh said...

I am so glad the kiddos came around at least in the movie's second half. WE started taking Ansh to the theatres when he was a year old & he always enjoyed the shows uptil now. Now he would rather spend his time in our shop "Please Mom" which is a kid's shop at the mall where we usually see movies.

Mama - Mia said...

ooh very very cool!! :)

Cubby acted up at the last movie we took him to simply because it was an odd time for him! generally we go for the last show! he watches the movie for about 40mins and then sleeps! :D

hope the trend continues and last time was just a fluke!1

so much fun ki O and T enjoyed themselves so much!! :)

way to go!!



Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of my kid who thought we were at the airport. He could not get it that every one had come to see a movie ... something that comes on tellybhisan LOL!!! They get terrified when the lights are turned off - the first time

Mystic Margarita said...

Glad the kids enjoyed the movie overall. Lol at Ojas checking about the doctor :)