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Monday, July 07, 2008

Kiss of a Perfume

A woman should wear fragrance wherever she expects to be kissed
said Coco Chanel
A perfume ought to enter the room with you and leave a mild lingering trail when you leave the room- not like people smell you before they see you and feel your heavy cloying presence long after you have left the room!
My first memories of perfume dates back to the time I must have been about 8-10.
- My grandma's complaint that Grandpa always picks up a Charlie! To date I do not know why because I do not really like that fragrance.
- the crisp and warm smell of Old Spice that Dad used in his younger days
- Mom's Opium by YSL- I still love that perfume sweet, spicy, powdery.
It must be the past link that made me love heavy, oriental, warm, woody and spicy fragrances like- Poem, Obsession, Organza, Ysatis along with florals like in the initial years of my career in the "scent company". I would swear by these styles and my liking reflected in my choice for most fragrance projects.
I was told that once you start really appreciating the structure of a chypre fragrance you have arrived. It is a structure that really grows on you- you need to learn to appreciate it rather than naturally like it I suppose. I took nearly 3 plus years to appreciate and like sophisticated chypres and the more modern transparent/ fresh/ watery fragrances.
I fell in love with
-Knowing, Gucci Rush, Miss Dior and Arden Beauty & Pleasures.
-Flower by Kenzo, Miracle & Sensi for their feminine floral accords.
I inducted hubby into the chypre family with Kouros and Paco Rabane so that I get to smell them everyday as he is a liberal user of "scent"
My legacy of love for perfumes and the way my nose flares up as any wanted or unwanted odour drifts past me is passed on genetically to Ojas & Tejas-
- They raise their arms to be liberally sprayed with deo everytime hubby uses it
-they mention- smell -whenever they suddenly get a bad/ good smell

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Mama - Mia said...

i have a really poor olfactory sense!! :(

but i do love perfumes and still trying to get out of the middle class mentality of how does one spend SO MUCH on perfume!! :)


thanx for that quick guide!