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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I was on a High

The whole of Friday evening and part of Saturday, just because we did a mini blogmeet-
with Sue& R and IBH at my place.
I had Sue met before and was all eager to see R, who turned out to be a real doll! a very quite (it seemed) and outgoing child who tried his best to feed potato chips to Ojas & Tejas. I was hoping he would succeed where I have failed!
IBH & I had spoken over the phone and she sounded really smart & interesting. Well, I was not disappointed. She is a very interesting, gregarious and chatty lady.
We talked and talked into the evening and the 3 of us made the most noise compared to the 3 kids who formed individual groups of their own in the living room- as usual Ojas & Tejas fiercly guarding their tricycles much to my shame.
It was so strange that we were not running out of topics to discuss. Sue has written in detail what we did. We discussed our work, the hectic life, our dreams & ambitions, our kids and their strange milestones of self discovery.
Thanks Sue for the puzzles & IBH for the chocolates. Both were devoured with equal pleasure


Minka said...

darn ! I missed the meet and meeting IBH and Sue. I was ready to leave by 4 PM but as usual , people just had to wake up at 4 PM on a friday.

Sue said...


Don't be ashamed of them, they are two fine boys. Didn't fight with my own little horror once!