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Monday, February 11, 2008

Virtual is Reality

This is Ojas & Tejas reporting from ITW. Finally the Chennai Moms got their act together and made it possible for us blog heroes/ heroines to meet up with our other Virtual friends.
There was Kodi & Kodi's Mom Aunty, Anush & Artnavy aunty, S & Has to Be Me aunty and Us & Mom at the pot-luck-snack party at our place on 9th Feb. We are told Lavs Aunty missed the fun as she got unexpectedly tied up with something else.
For starters, Mom was completely hassled the entire day busy doing nothing except putting our toys away. Don't know why she bothered because we promptly scattered them all over the place again. Clearly our idea of creating an atmosphere for our friends did not match with Moms but we persisted. Normally she likes us to play in the garden and mess around in the sand, but that day when we scattered sand in the corridor and garden right after our bath, she went mental. We saw her sweeping the corridor in vain after that.
The party started with Anush and us and Kodi joined soon. Sad that S and Kodi missed each other by a few minutes. He was one older bhayia among all of us. We had a tough time guarding our toys and tricycle but we were ok with sharing the jigsaw puzzles. Forgive us, it will take some time for us to get used to sharing our stuff. Maybe next time we will be more civilized.
We know Anush well, and she looked extremely comfortable with the setting enjoying her snacks and puzzles. Kodi was a little shy, and stayed near his Mom on the tricycle observing keenly everything around him.
We freaked out on wafers, murukku, samosa, juice, corn-pineapple-cheese.
We will look forward to more of such parties to catch up with our peer group


artnavy said...

hey kiddos- look forward to more such as well and next time u can give ur mom a break and we will do it in artnavy aunty's place okay?

~nm said...

Seems like you all had great fun. I wonder why we don't have such mommy bloggers in Delhi. Will eagerly await for the pictures!

But I guess partly I can blame myself and the hectic office for not being able to meet when I had an opportunity to meetSquiggles and her mom when they were here in Delhi. :(

Lavs said...

Dear Ojas & Tejas,

You do not know how bad I feel having missed this opportunity to meet you guys in person. I shall eagerly wait for the next meet of such kind..May be then you will have a little doll to play with:-)

Kodi's Mom said...

oh believe my mom, buddies, you shared your toys really really well. visit me sometime and I'll show you what possesiveness means ;) fantastic to meet you both!

Deepa said...

Hey, we want phutwas!please.....

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

hey Ojas and Tejas,

I too missed meeting you two because of some unscheduled urgent work for mom in office.. she didn't even tell me that a meetup was planned because she was afraid she cannot handle my crankiness. How unfair :(


Minka said...

Hey count me in the next time you guys meet up . Would love to meet the kiddos and mommies !

Itchingtowrite said...

art- next time in your new house
lavs/ kowsalya- surely next time u shud be there
K's mom- the sharing probs will not happen if we meet more often
nm- next time i'm in delhi we shud make it
deepa- coming coming
minka- so sorry, i thought u were there in our group mail, & i thought u had seen the communication... do mail m and i 'll rquest to add u up on our group

karmickids said...

Oh oh. Missed this one. Never mindl. We will do a great big all India bloggy mommies meet sometime...LOL.

IBH said...

hey.....i never knew so many bloggers are from chennai...count me in next time please....