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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Tables Are Turned

Ojas/ Tejas- Bye Babies
Me/ Nani- No Ojas Daddy/ Tejas Daddy don't go
Ojas/ Tejas- Chukat (chocolate), Chips okay...

Me asking Ojas/ Tejas to give my mobile back to me
Ojas/ Tejas says Kaua, choo (crow choo) and hides the mobile under his bum

Scenario- Me trying to force feed Tejas
Ojas picks up the spoon, and tries to shove it into Tejas' mouth who turns his head away.
Ojas takes the spoon to the balcony and says Crow take (exactly how I do it)
Ojas comes back and tries to feed Tejas again

Tejas- Duddu (Milk)
Ojas- No duddu. Duddu finish
Tejas crying- duddu
Ojas- duddu? wait.
Ojas Opens the fridge and tries to give Tejas milk.

Me- Tejas give me chips
Tejas- no eshu's
keeps it away from me and says No touch, okay!

They pick up a napkin and try to clean my nose like I do for them


The E HomeMaker said...

shooo shweeeeeet
your kids are lovely! are they still bottle fed?

Itchingtowrite said...

e homemaker- thanks. unfortunately yes, they dont seem to be giving up the bottle
any advice? they dont tak from glass, try as much as i hav done

Suki said...

First Kodimeow's mirror act, and now this! :)
Kids are quite the mindbogglers, aren't ehy?

How do we know said...

its so very wonderful to watch ur kids grow up! :-) someday, perhaps, Ishaan will do something like this, and then i will remember ur post.

bird's eye view said...

That's quite a turning of tables :)