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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Time Diaper Free

We were in Pondy over the weekend.
The first diaper free trip. Bravely we set out on Friday night without diapers and just half an hour later Tejas announced- Kakka (Potty). We perched their potty on the Honda City boot and sat him on that. He refused to even pee in that- he was a bit alarmed at the buses and trucks passing by. Either he managed to control or it was just gas and he could not differentiate between the two. Anyway, we put a diaper for him but 1.5 hours later in Pondy it was still clean.
Saturday & Sunday we did 2 outings for more than 2 hours and did not use the diaper.
Since we are not used to that, we forgot to take thm to a toilet. Right near the white town, Ojas announce -Sussi (pee). Now hubby was not very keen to let him go on the road, civic sense and all. He used his ingenuity to fit a polythene bag at the source and whistled to Ojas. The smart chap peed in the polythene bag (which originally contained hot breads chicken bun). As luck would have it, it started to leak and hubby caught it in his hand, by the time I could manage to roll the window down.
So we had to do roadside - drain peeing typical Indian style for Tejas.
That night we did on the rocky beach. It would look strange if we entered these good restaurants with toilets just for the sake of going to the toilet.
Back home to Chennai was diaper free with Tejas declaring Kakka at regular intervals and giving us a scare & Ojas insisted on play acting and talking to himself- Do kakka until we diverted them and asked them to recite A,B,C,D.
We did not have even a single susu-chaddi/ accident the entire weekend.
"Keeping my fingers crossed"

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Sree said...

yay!!! way to go :)