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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Learning & Unlearning

Getting Ready for the New Ballgame... ...Of Learning
The school admissions are done with yesterday. The process was short and sweet and the counsellor accomodative and a patient listener. The positive in the approach being the advice to not put the kids back in the diaper even if they are on the road to being trained but not yet fully done. They have well trained ayahs who will take care. They are open to be given a list of "Our baby's talk" so that they may follow what the child is trying to communicate and be alert to the kid's wishes. Ojas informed the admission officer in a very intimidating tone -"school" pointing outside th office. They did not display any of their skills of colours. The staff actually thought the kids are very well behaved and not at all naughty. They wore their new striped T-shirts & jeans and the teacher commented that they were smartly dressed. Ojas enjoyed sliding down the highest slide, climbing on his own. Tejas was hesitant and was happy with the merry-go-round. They loved the sand pit and enjoyd seeing the cocodile, goosie, fish sculptures in the water area. The school has atleast 20 pairs of twins and 2 sets of triplets. They could start a multiples club at this rate.

We celebrated with coffee & sandwiches at Coffee Day and a dinner at Copper Chimmney with the kids playing smart dining with napkin on the knees and cutlery and all, even using the finger bowl in the end.

Copper Chimmney is becoming my favourite haunt after it has been modernised. Large spacious seating, prompt and courteous service and easy on the wallet prices. Love the Kabab platter that comes with 10 pieces at Rs 375.

Since office was bunked in honour of the admissions, Mom & I also took a 2 hour trip to Kalsakshetra Foundation craft fair. Good rang of stuff especiallyin dress material, bags, not too many decorative stuff though. Page 3 variety crowd of hip old ladies were seen in abundance. I picked up a leather back from Calcutta stall and will go back for more stuff one of these days- pottery, more bags, dress material - gurjari/ kalamkari etc. This is on till this weekend

Unlearnings for the week

  • No Bottle given last 5 days since it has "lizard" in it and so it's spoilt. They have been hidden from their view and the kids have actually reconciled to that fact and are not asking for it unless they are desparate. Since the milk consumption has come down as they don't like Kaash duddu (milk in a glass), it has resulted in heavy constipation.
  • Ojas & Tejas have finally understood that their chest is not supposed to be called "Duddu". They pointed at their selves and said "chest" which my sis failed to understand. Tejas chipped in- "duddu" softly to make her comprehend what he is saying and then loudly said "Chest, chest"
    When Tejas is angry and I ask him "is this chest?", he says "no duddu" in revenge.
  • They have since the last few days not crying when I am going to office- they say chip, chokate and say bye to me.
  • The Iron is "Garam" not to be touched but Ojas tests the dress being ironed.
  • If I tell Tejas "no sleeping, only crying" he promptly falls asleep in defiance.

Other Stuff

  • If Nani tries to force feed Tejas- he says 'No-fighting'
  • If Mamma smacks them they say- Haa, Adi! and laugh with each other at her expense. They repeat the offence to check if the "adi" is repeated.
  • They need shorts with pockets to carry their tiny cars.
  • They like to play with dudderband (rubberband)

Joined at the hip, the last photo with their much loved Baatuu (bottle). Morning baatu, you are being missed a lot (but good riddance, inspite of the service you have rendered)

And we show off our "chests" in our private pool in our private garden.


Chaitali said...

hey I was in Madras for a friend's wedding and we went to Copper Chimney for dinner with my parents. The food rocked and the place is really nice. Read your post and was wondering if we were there at the same time...that would have been a good coincidence...I would have recognised your kids.

Jayashree said...

that sounds like a great school....which part of chennai is it in??? I am planning to look for a school for my daughter some time in June...that's the reason Iam asking...

Kodi's Mom said...

the school sounds perfect! bet they'll have a blast there..

you know, when we were in chennai, we saw the bus to this school pass by our house and I said to Kodi that 'thats Ojas and Tejas' school bus'. he seemed impressed and wanted to join as well :)

Itchingtowrite said...

chaitali- that was at 11 pm on monday
Jayshree- hav writtn to u
K's mom- that wud be nice! u cud move over!