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Friday, February 01, 2008

The Great Laughter Challenge

They differ in not just looks but also in the way they express their joy. Tejas has a way of opening his mouth wide, with tongue visible clearly and Ojas has a controlled smile/ laugh/ grin more teeth driven. Each clip has a story of their own. Most of the pics have appeared in my posts sometime or the other. (Wanna Spot Them? Contest? Prize is to spend a day with the twins!!!)


~nm said...

Hey! Thats such a lovely collage of them both! And what a lovely idea!!!

Very very sweet!!!

The E HomeMaker said...

wow...nice thing you noticed. really sweet pics.

my life.... said...

Cute Tejas and Ojas :)

The E HomeMaker said...

LOL i've realized most of my blogging buddies dont blg on weekends. i thought i was the only one..

Chaitali said...

You are such nice mommy...your sons will be so proud of you when they grow up!!!