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Friday, July 04, 2008

Lingerie Lessons

Just when you thought that you know of all the uses of lingerie, here comes this study that talks of how there is more to this garment than meets the eye
A friend who worked in a lingerie factory once enlightened me about how complicated the manufacturing of innerwear is, infact I visited Intimate Fashions factory and was absolutely itching to lay my hands on them- may be grab a consignment before they got shipped and take them all home with me.
Giving the well deserved respect to the complications of manufacturing, the milestones that most women pass through while lingerie buying would be-
1. The first time- bought by mom & given to be worn
2. The first independent purchase
3. Innerwear for the Trousseou
4. Innerwear used during pregnancy
5. After pregnancy
6. Chasing-the-mirage-stage- waiting to be back to normal
7. Deeply-regret-vital statistics-is-permanently-altered stage
So I woke up one morning and realized that stage 7 has crept upon me and it's time I stop hanging on to the relics from the past and take the bold leap.
So I walk in to the Chennaite's destination for Lingrie wear- Naidu Hall- give a glance towards the pukeworthy styles displayed along with the clueless saleswomen and drive straight out to Globus. I brace myself for the long hours in the trial room exprimenting with various arbit designs and styles until I find a few styles that suit & fit me.
Enter the apparently clueless but seemingly expert innerwear consultant who is eager to guide me during my purchase. I dismissively mention her my preferences and needs and she gives me the most expensive and delicate looking pieces in vibrant and feminine colors to try- just for size. For the first time in life I note that they actually fit well. Delighted I ask for similar styles at half the price or less because I am habituated to think in the larger picture terms-how does the price compare to a kurta or a top or any other outerwear. Out came the most behenji style unflattering pieces in standard black, white & tan guaranteed to turn the man off if something naughty is on the agenda. No laces, no frills, no fancy but still cost as much as a Fab India short top or men's kurta- just putting things in perspective.
As I often say- no amount of professional training can work in real life situations- we are all just common consumers and we behave like one even though our formal training teaches us various arts of negotiation and marketing gimmicks. So the lingerie consultant practiced her consumer behavious skills on me who was a very easy target- she played on my obvious attraction for bright, cheerful colours and prints and laces and slyly suggested that I buy a few ordinary ones and just 1 or 2 "horribly" expensive ones for occassion/special occassions. Now the cool me who is definitely not over the hill just because she is a mamma of 2 and plans to age in style played right into the trap and did an impulse purchase of various colours/ styles/ prints/ material of innerwear.
For the first time, I was explained while buying, on what styles would be right for me. I did no random trials but every piece she gave me was deliberately selected keeping in mind that I am on stage 7 of the buying stages.
I finished in less than an hour and that was my most satisfactory experience in innerwear buying.
Coincidentally the saleswoman's name was Juliet (local undies manufacturer!)


Mama - Mia said...


this post reminds me that i need to go to good shop that can actually measure me properly!!

right now i am in stage 6!! mirage, as you rightly called it!!

i blew what i thought was bscene amount of money on trosseau lingerie shopping and hubby actually got scared of amount of preparation i had done!! sigh!!

ofcos i stopped "fitting" into them soon after! but they still languish in the drawer hoping someday... maybe!!

i hope all the naughty ideas bring desirable naughty results!! :p



dipali said...

So true, Itchy, all so true!

Cuckoo said...

I am in stage 5 now and dread if I would ever come back to the somewhat plump me instead of the horribly-out-of-shape, still looking 6 months pregnant me! Sigh!

Btw, one must indulge in lacy lingerie after kids I think. I'd love to, would make me feel more feminine and se#y!

Rohini said...

Yup, stage 7 here as well but a happy one as the current size suits me more and I look less like a table-top ;-)

Am a all no-frills white/ black/tan kind of girl, even the really expensive stuff...l

lumi said...

Oh I hit Stage 7 about a decade ago! Essentially I buy things that make me feel good about myself. One great piece that you feel great in makes up for five that are a fraction of the cost and ho-hum. The other half benefits greatly when you feel sexy about your own self!