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Thursday, July 17, 2008

And Now Maternity becomes a Career Hazard

CV's of women at childbearing age get binned...
Pregnant women lose promotion chances...
Employers wary of employing women who may marry & leave or get pregnant and take a long break...
And now this blatant statement that it is a career hazard.
It screams discrimination to say the least.
I think it's time we women stop being apologetic about being pregnant.
Instead, we should be worshipped for bing nice enough to bring into this world and take the pains of rearing the future workforce of the world.

Fine discriminate at your risk-
- Studies say a diverse workforce including women bring in more diverse thinking or approach to the problem. Also lends a competitive edge calling for more participation from either gender in a diversified situation.
-Studies also hint at women being more stable employees and men top job ditchers, also women negotiate less and thereby companies face less loss of time & resources for replacement search, training and settling down before they actively contribute to the new job.
- Are corporates willing to give up 50% of their workforce contributing to the GDP? Considering the overall office/ house/ child rearing work women do, they are mor
-Some industries like mine actually regard women as better suited to the job than men - especially the roles that require creative thinking and ideation for FMCG products as they have more women focused approach to brand building.
- On a tangent, Imagine the film/ Television industry without women in the workforce?- What would we do without our dose of saas- bahu drama- Watch Sasur-Damaad drama or what? No way!
-On a lighter note,
-the ad/ modelling industry would suffer greatly if there were no women advertising their cars/ cigarettes/ male grooming products etc.
-we would have only male gyneacs! when the preference is largely for female
Heartening to note that someone in Corporate India is luring more women in the workforce


Anonymous said...

Discrimination is a fact that one has to live with if one is a woman. 90% of the teachers are women. In fact teachers, nurses and support staff in most corporates are women. Once you grown older and climb rungs on the corporate ladder and when you break barriers and get into senior management levels, then it gets personal. A woman in that position is well and truly isolated. No team work, no friendly colleagues. In other words, it never ends. I know, since I am experiencing it

Rohini said...

Grrr... I know. Even companies which pay lip service to diversity can be pretty similar in the way the policy actually gets implemented

desigirl said...

This is crap!! How can they do this? Too easily, it seems!!! I have lived in firangland too long!

Minka said...

we must be going back in time. I had a kind of brush with this but pretty much saying that our fortune 500 client who I handle the project for may not like discrimination of this kind, sent them packing. And a lot of men who thought they could get rid of me ;-)

Anonymous said...

My team has 3 pregnant women at this point of time,out of which 2 wants to go on leave or work from home 2-3 months before they take maternity leave and they obviously wouldnt be back in 3 months post delivery.All 3 are the sole business anchors in their respective locations.What do u think I should do?? Look at hiring more women and myself work for all pregnant women on pre-mature leave for over a year or be busy looking for interim replacements,or just be partial and prefer men?? Which sounds easier??

Itchingtowrite said...

anon- u r in HR- find your solution- we r waiting to copy it