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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bloggers Meet @ Fruit Shop @ Greams Road

Yes we did it- finally a large enough gathering.
As discussed bringing the kids in was optional and since Kowsalya & Nisha said they are bringing theirs, Tharini was mentioning that our hero Winkie could possibly make it and I was sure that Anush would definitely not come without bringing her Mom Art , how could I be left out?
So I took Ojas & Tejas along and reached a good 15 minutes after 4 pm because a meltdown was staged right before leaving home. I walk in to see Nisha & Tharini like old friends in deep conversation and Art all over the place with Anush. It didn't take me long to recognize Nisha because of the pic she had shared on our Mom- group.
Kowsalya walked in without the kid and while we were wondering who she was because we usually connect the Moms by the kid's face, Tharini exclaims- oh this is Kowsalya!
Amidst snap taking & juice ordering Minka & Bubbles made an entry with a huge bag of goodies in tow. Bubbles and not just Bubbles but also his mother were truly bubbly. We moms struggled hard to seat all 4 kids and face the camera long enough to get a perfect picture for the blog - the things we do for the sake of our blog posts!
Sometimes I feel I really don't make full use of the blog meets. There was so much I wanted to talk and share but did not. Perhaps one hour is not enough. We know the blog persona so deeply that we don't know where to start and which topic to choose. Sometimes I don't want to confuse and reconcile the blog persona & real life persona at all!
Ojas & Tejas thank Bubbles for the lovely gifts- a dress up puzzle- this is a set of 2, 10 piece each puzzle that has shots of a boy & a girl dressing up (for school). You need to fit them in series. The kids loved it. And off course a play dough which is anyway a big hit- you can never have enough play dough sets I feel. The more the better!


Mama - Mia said...

sounds total fun!!! :D

am looking fwd to the next blr bloggy meet this month!! :D



Alan said...

Looks like your lens needs cleaning.

Itchingtowrite said...

intentional blurring alan!! mama mia- Yo!

durga said...

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