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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Org@&m1c Fare

The guava souffle at Barbecue nation- worth to die for!
Replicates a just ripe pink guava and because it's all flavour- it does justice, no honour to the natural guava. Sweet, smooth, and very pink, Se*y I must say!
also look at
Nutrichoice multigrain cracker from Britannia- a lovely blue & green pack with the richest ever natural honey flavour- and what size of the biscuit- (exaggeration alert) just like a thappad- slap! huge- the size of a palm - well almost
A pack of 6 (100g) sells at Rs 18 and a pack of 12 in a resealable box with individual snack packs sells for Rs 40.
Must eats
Sunfeats Golden Bakes butterscotch etc
Goodday Classic range- butterscotch, honey raisin, choco


Monika&Ansh said...

The yogurt had me drooling. Wish we had that restaurant here in Kolkata.

Anonymous said...

Sigh ..... there goes my diet, that too early in the morning

Minka said...

Nice - I have a Nutrichoice lying unopened - can't wait to open it after your review.

On the other hand, the Sunfeast flaxseed whole wheat biscuit ( don't know the name ) is really the worst I have eaten in a long time. I bought it for FIL to try and he and I are kicking ourselves for trying anything other than Marie for him.

Mama - Mia said...


but not SO nice when you are dying of hunger just before lunch hour!!




Itchingtowrite said...

minka- bennevita u mean??

Shobana said...

Goodday has these new flavors? We are still getting only those age old flavors. Listen, what is ur opinion of Idhayam Dots pappads? Have u tried those?

Flaxseed biscuits? Minka..I think they might need to be refrigerated, 'coz flaxseed can go rancid pretty easily..very unstable compounds. So, if the store is leaving it in shelves for a long time, under bright lights...err..better to avoid it.