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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Why Approach

  1. Why does it sound crystal clear to me when Ojas & Tejas speak whereas everybody else fail to understand their language?
  2. Why do the kids start their tantrum the moment I get back from work and waste precious moments which could have been spent working on something fun?
  3. Why are my kids silent when the resident bully hits them whereas they are quick to take revenge which each other? And how come the non-violent me gets back home to scold them- next time hit him back rather than crying?
  4. Why do they think playing "catch" with my book is a good idea?
  5. Why do they find something to throw a tantrum for each morning- alternate days though- if one day Ojas throws a tantrum, then next day Tejas does it.
  6. Why can they eat everything else properly but not their normal meal?
  7. Why do they only like Milk Bikis or Hide n Seek and not the delicious Multigrain biscuit?
  8. Why do they come back home with their tiffin boxes hardly eaten but gulp down the contents the moment they get back home?
  9. Why do they always say that "A" in their class fights & why do they always bring back hankies and tiffin boxes that belong to "S' (so they say)?
  10. Why do they have to take such a long time to sleep in the night while my next door neighbour has to just lock the kids in their room and they sleep within 5 minutes? Why is life not fair?


Monika,Ansh said...

this hits home......many of them . no answer to these why's ... very well expressed.

Monika said...

because its life and u know what even my 8.5 month old does this - Why do the kids start their tantrum the moment I get back from work and waste precious moments which could have been spent working on something fun?

the minute i enter he would start throwing all kinds of tantrums and my maid would say didi he was happy the whole day... :((

Minka said...

et tu , Itchy on 1 and 2.

My take on the mum-back-home tantrum is they are not able to handle the emotions of seeing mom after so long ( probably grudge mom leaving them for 8 hours ).Hence the tantrum.

Bubbles did this as well. Now we have made a game of him hiding when I return home and I go hunting for him and "find" him when I am all changed and freshened up . And no tantrum !!!

How do we know said...

Life IS fair itchie... remember ur own childhood, and life will appear VERY fair.. as Erma Bombeck says "A Grandchild is very grandparent's worst dreams of revenge come true in hope..." hheee heee haaa haaa!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I agree with the comment above and hope and pray I get such lovely grandchildren

Mama - Mia said...


"working" on something fun?! hehe!!

maybe throwing a tantrum is their way of having fun! :p

but yeah so many questions and no answers! good news is apparently we grow out of it!! if we are to look at ourselves, that is!!

so why fret trop now?! and yes, why dont they eat their own food??!! why??

and i just didnt like the britannia multigrain biscuit! so i forgave Cubby for not liking it either!! :p



Inder said...

i preferred milk bikis to marie. i have no idea why... marie was supposed to be the more popular.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Why? Well, because a baby is a baby is a baby; or in my/our cases, a toddler is a toddler is a toddler...
and they were all designed to give us something to write about! ;p